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Graphite felt absorbing material

  Tiled arrangement of carbon felt and carbon fiber unidirectional arrangement of absorbing microwave absorbing properties of the composites, polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber unidirectional arrangement is closely related to the suction arrangement spacing and wave properties of fiber and fiber content. Suction arrangement of carbon felt greatly influence the flat wave properties with carbon fiber content.

  At present, the negative effect of electromagnetic radiation has affected all aspects of human life. It is an effective way to reduce or eliminate electromagnetic wave pollution by absorbing materials. Graphite felt is one of the most commonly used structural absorbing materials, and has been widely used.

  By changing the cross section of the carbon fiber in the graphite felt, the surface modification of the fiber or the change of the electromagnetic parameters of the fiber by reducing the carbonization temperature of the carbon fiber were used to prepare the absorbing material for graphite felt.With the increase of carbon fiber content, the reflection attenuation of the sample decreases, and the absorbing property of the material decreases obviously.

  In the graphite felt in the fiber, the duty ratio is about 5% to 8.6%, and third in the direction of vertical or inclined distribution of fiber. In this way, the carbon felt is not completely covered by the matrix with high viscosity in the composite with the epoxy resin, but forms a certain low filling net". If the graphite felt is compounded with other high density powder or particles, it can not only prevent the precipitation of the filler, but also help to obtain the composite material with uniform distribution.