Acid graphite rod

  Acid graphite rod as non metal products, as carbon arc gouging cutting process in an essential pre welding cutting supplies, is composed of carbon and graphite with appropriate adhesive, through the extrusion, the temperature of 2200 DEG C after baking rotary plating a layer made from copper, high temperature resistance, good electrical conductivity, not easy to fracture, suitable for metal cutting into required shape.

  Due to the acid resistant graphite rod using the temperature of high conductivity and good chemical stability. It has been widely used in machinery, metallurgy, national defense, chemical, foundry, non-ferrous alloy, light and other fields, especially the black acid graphite rod, was also used for the field of ceramics, semiconductors, medicine, environmental protection, laboratory analysis, become non metallic materials widely used. When cutting steel, the use of flammable, explosive gas, such as oxygen acetylene flame cutting is not required, the cost is low, operation and use of safety. You can use the method of processing a variety of arc cutting can not use gas cutting processing of metals, such as iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, high efficiency, and can obtain the ideal effect.

  Performance of acid resistant graphite rod:

  The element is hard and brittle texture, low expansion coefficient, can quench heat, not easy to deformation, good chemical stability, acid resistance is extremely strong, does not react with acid, alkali resistant ability is poor, can decompose rod under high temperature corrosion.

  The bending strength of the acid proof graphite rod is more and more larger with the increase of the temperature of the component. The resistance value, and is reflected by the resistance, according to the standards stipulated in the 25 meters by micro ohms. The surface load current density of the element is closely related to the raw material formula and the pressing density of the black acid proof graphite bar, and can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the requirement.

  Acid proof graphite rod:

  1, acid resistant graphite rod must be kept dry, damp must be dried before use.

  2, used in the DC power supply of acid resistant graphite rod connected to the positive electrode, the work of the negative electrode.

  3, compressed air pressure to maintain 0.5-1.6MPa.

  4, acid resistant graphite rod and the arc distance between the workpiece is about 3mm, acid proof graphite stick out of the clamp is about 100mm.

  5, acid resistant graphite rod and the workpiece into a 45 degree angle, and along the tangent (or straight line) direction planing.

  6, acid resistant graphite rod must be well ventilated when used. Operating current operation.

  Application domain:

  Graphite and graphite products are widely used in various fields of machinery, electronics, semiconductor, silicon, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, electrical appliances, motor, electric, transportation, communications, aviation, atomic energy, medicine, food, biological engineering, etc..