Mechanical graphite products

  The mechanical graphite products which made of the wear-resistant carbon and graphite products are often used in the machinery industry and in the chemical production as a structural material extensively , it has become an important branch of carbon and graphite products industry, regardless of in the domestic or foreign, the variety and quantity of the wear-resistant carbon and the graphite products are in rapid development.

  The mechanical graphite products materials compared with many metal or non-metallic materials, it has the high thermal stability, the higher thermal conductivity, the low thermal expansion coefficient , especially the carbon and graphite materials have no chemical reaction with the majority of acid, alkali and salt solution.

  The graphite material has the self lubrication performance, in the absence of lubricant and fricting with many metal parts , the friction coefficient of the graphite components is only 0.04-0.05, that is to say, the coefficient of friction is low. Because most of the lubricating oil will break down or even catch fire at the high temperature, so many equipments which are in the high speed, high pressure and high temperature operation can not use ordinary lubricating oil to improve the wear resistance of moving parts. Therefore, at present, in some mechanical equipment , we use bearing, piston, piston ring and sealing ring mechanical graphite products which are made from the carbon and graphite materials. The mechanical graphite products made of carbon and graphite can be in the corrosive media which the temperature range from -200 degrees Celsius to +200 degrees Celsius, and in a high speed of movement (such as 100 m / s) without lubricating oil and normal operation.

  All kinds of mechanical graphite products produced by our company are widely used in various kinds of mechanical equipments in modern industry. Due to the self lubrication, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, it can meet the strong corrosive, inflammable, explosive and radioactive medium sealing requirements. It solve the problem of "deflation,steaming, driping, leaking" in chemical equipment effectively, and it has good effect on improving working conditions, improving product quality and productivity.

  The mechanical graphite products are widely applicable to a variety of pumps and mechanical stirring, high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine, compressor, chemical reaction kettle mechanical seal assembly of sealing ring, oxygen making machine, piston ring blower, motor shielding, Bush and submersible motor and a variety of instruments with graphite bearing, petrol pumps, vacuum pumps, gas compressors, printing machine composite air pump device of rotary; chemical equipment safety blasting membrane plate; cigarette equipment in a gas distribution plate, the arc block and so on.