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The problem of graphite electrode scrap trading

  Graphite electrode scrap, refers to the waste after graphitization or after processing carbon products factory production of graphite electrode, graphite electrode and debris processing products when cut off. The export of graphite electrode usually broken, including graphite electrode scrap foundry used in steel factory.

  Graphite electrode is made of coke and pitch coke as the main raw material, using coal tar pitch as binder, after more than 2000 DEG C high temperature heat treatment. So that the amorphous carbon conversion of graphite and users of a product, mainly in the metallurgical industry in arc furnace as conductive materials, smelting alloy steel, iron alloy, nonferrous metal and rare metal.

  The main characteristics of the graphite electrode with carbon content in 99% above, ash is generally less than 0.5%, sulfur content less than 0.05 %, with good conductivity and good heat resistance.

  The chemical properties of graphite electrode scrap is the same as graphite electrode, mainly low ash, good electrical conductivity, its main purpose is carbon products factory will be recycled to the graphite electrode scrap to 10 - 20% of the proportion of added ingredients for some products, also can be used for steel making carburant or raw material for producing plastic graphite tube.

  The main reason, the adulteration of export graphite electrode is the same with the domestic market of counterfeit products, is profitable.

  Carbon electrode and roasting carbon blocks and other non graphitized products is to anthracite coal and metallurgical coke as the main raw material, sometimes with a small Yao natural graphite or graphite fragmentation production of conductive material, so the ash is high, specific resistance to than graphite electrode 2 or 3 times, thermal conductivity and oxidation resistance of not such as graphite electrodes.