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The application and characteristics of carbon carbon composite material

 Carbon carbon composite material is carbon fiber reinforced carbon composites, belong to the research and development in the field of high and new materials nomatter in China or abroad.

  In 1958,in the American Chance Vought Airlines Laboratory,the carbon carbon composite material was found by chance, during the testing of carbon fiber content in organic matrix composites,due to the mistake of the experimentation,the organic matrix Pyrolysised,and got the matrix carbon,and the new composite material has many good comprehensive performance,and after that,the C/C composite material was widely used for many high-tech fields.

  Carbon carbon composite material has the good high thermal resistance performance of carbon material, At the same time,it also has the good strength of the composite material,and it’s also easy to machine,because of so many good properties,it’s widely used for aerospace, atomic energy, metallurgy and other fields.

  Now, the carbon carbon composite material products already have the mass production,with the cost reducing,the application of it will be wider.

  The good performance of carbon carbon composite material mainly include:low density,good strength property under the high temperature,good friction performance, excellent ablation performance, high thermal conductivity etc.

  The carbon carbon composite material product also has it’s disadvantage. Such as the strength property of XY direction is not so good, and the associativity of carbon fiber and carbon matrix is not good,the antioxidant capacity is bad,and the cost of C/C composite material is very high,the processing cycle is long, and the design method is very complex. So many disadvantage restricted the application of carbon carbon composite material.

  The application fields of C/C material mainly include: 1)brake material field,the military aircraft, civil aircraft, high-speed car etc.2)high temperature structure field,the nozzle,throat of rocket engine etc.3) mechanical manufacture field,it can replace the Hi-Q isostatic graphite,make the crucible,heater, insulation liner etc.4) Biomedical field,it can be made for many artificial organ.5)the C/C material can also be used for sporting goods and daily necessities.