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Graphite tube impregnated with phenolic resin

The graphite material and parts are already widely used in all kinds of industries for almost 50years,as the many good properties,such as :electricity conducting,corrosion resistance and good thermal conductivity,it is widely used for electrode,electro-chemical power,carbon brush on the motor and the gasket etc. However,the mechanical properties of graphite material is weak,easy to break and crash,limit the range of use.

  The graphite material impregnated with phenolic resin can improve the mechanical properties. The phenolic resin has several good properties such as high thermal stability, structural integrity etc,and making it as one of the binders of graphite is a good way to reduce the opening rate and improve the mechanical properties. Now the graphite impregnated phenolic resin is one of the most common use graphite products among all the graphite chemical products,the graphite tube impregnated phenolic resin is widely use for heat exchanger.

  Some Scholars’testing showed that the impregnated graphite under 160℃ condition of cure has the best performance(the highest weight gain rate, the lowest porosity,the highest shore hardness)and the flexural strength under temperature 140℃ is the best,and it has the best thermal stability. The thermal stability is better during 0~450℃,but then the temperature reach 450℃ above,the phenolic resin will be decomposition,and the performance will be lower.

  The temperature has a big influence on the phenolic resin impregnated graphite material. The reason weight gain rate under 160℃ is the highest is because when the temperature below 160℃even lower,the phenolic resin can not full diffusion in the graphite material and lead to the overall uneven,and if the temperature is too high,the viscosity of phenolic resin will be reduction,and lead to lack of binder, can not reach the desired effect.