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Application of carbon carbon composites in photovoltaic field

  With the development of solar energy Photovoltaic industry, the traditional graphite material is difficult to meet the needs of large-scale production equipment. However the carbon carbon composite material has a good thermo physical properties,it has a great advantage over the graphite material. The carbon carbon composite insulation parts,structure parts and heating unit will be more and more important to silicon single crystal furnace and poly-silicon ingot furnace. There are also some problems to the carbon carbon composite material,now,the best way is to use the SiC coating to increase the effective and service life.

  The carbon carbon composite material is to do some reinforce treatment on the basis of carbon fiber,it forms under the 2000~2500℃,it can withstand the high temperature of 2000 ℃,after multiple heat treatment,the strength of C/C material is 3~5times than the graphite material,the parts will not break even drop off,and it’s also easy to process,good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance,the service like is 3 times longer than the graphite material,and the price is about 2times than the graphite material.

  The service life of silicon single crystal furnace is about 50 times,and the service life poly-silicon ingot furnace is about 100 times,however, the service of silicon single crystal furnace with carbon carbon composite material is more than 50times.

  The bigger size of the C/C material means the higher cost performance. It can weave any shape and size perform,then use the densification process to make the CFC material,so the bigger size the cheaper price it will be. If use the graphite material,it needs to assemble with piece by piece together,the cost from processing is also expansive.

  The service life of the C/C material with SiC coating is longer than the material without coating. Overall consideration,no mater the cost or property,the carbon carbon composite material is better than graphite material.