The main use graphite paper

The main use graphite paper  

     1.Computers, smart phones, high power.The LED,Application of tablets, smart terminal;

  2.Graphite paper for large communication equipment and peripheral equipment;

  3.Used in power transformation, power supply equipment and peripheral equipment;

  4.Graphite paper used for photovoltaic power generation equipment and the surrounding.

  Graphite paper Features:

  1.Graphite paper (graphite foil)light weight, lighter than copper75%,The lighter than aluminum25%

  2.Graphite paper surface can be combined with other materials such as metal, plastic, stickers to meet more The design of more functions and needs;

  3.Easily cut: graphite heat sink can smooth attached with any platform Surface and curved surface, and can be In accordance with customer demand for any form of cutting;

  4.High thermal conductivity graphite paper (350 w/mk - 1500 w/mk);

  5.Low thermal resistance, thermal resistance is lower than aluminum40%,Lower than copper,20%