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Various graphite deep processing products and applications

Graphite specially processed later, you can create a variety of special materials for the relevant industrial sectors. With the development of modern science and technology and industry applications of graphite is constantly expanding, and has become an important raw material in the high-tech field of new composite materials, has an important role in the national economy. Here are some common graphite deep processing products:

(1) High-purity graphite: widely used in nuclear reactor shielding and reflective materials, solid fuel, rocket nozzles, aerospace equipment parts, advanced refractory and paint, pencil of light industry, electrical industry, carbon brush, electrode in battery industry, fertilizer industry catalyst.

(2) Graphite milk: milk into a graphite tube, forging graphite milk, milk graphite drawing, saving energy and reducing wear additives, etc., were prepared for the conductive paint color picture tube parts, metal forging and hot extrusion die lubricants, metal cold cast coated type agents, mold release agents glass bottles, metal wire drawing lubricants, lubricants antifriction agent.

Such as CRT graphite milk with good adhesion, pore resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical properties, physical and chemical properties of the coating and stable performance. Widely used in Hitachi, Toshiba, Panasonic, GE, Philips, CPT technology, special coating material is black and white kinescope tube technology. Forging graphite milk has the ideal temperature lubrication, adhesion, stripping easy, chemically stable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, improve molding quality, prolong tool life and other characteristics. Black, non-ferrous metal processing ideal temperature hot stripping lubricants, forging, metal embossing and other industries widely used. Saving energy and reducing wear additive with a strong reduction of friction and wear resistance, heavy extreme pressure, thermal oxidative stability of lubricating oil, no oxidation corrosion and chemical wear, energy efficient, good compatibility, the continuation of lubrication. Improve operating conditions, reduce noise and eliminate smoke and reduce the content of harmful substances in exhaust.

(3) Expandable graphite and flexible graphite products: heating agent for the production of ingot casting, production packing and sealing gaskets, such as flexible graphite sheet, graphite sheet, graphite packing ring, graphite packing, high-strength composite sheet and so on.

(4) Carbon and graphite products: mainly used for heat-resistant refractory, insulation materials, conductive and resistive materials, lubrication and antifriction materials, corrosion-resistant materials, containers and molds. Such as graphite electrodes, graphite mold, carbon rod arc, spectral analysis of the electrode rod, graphite anode plate, electrical carbon brushes, graphite tube, graphite bearings.

(5) Graphite crucible: means for melting a variety of metals.