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The use of graphite products for semiconductor industry

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  The graphite is a good conductor of electricity and heat. It can be made into an excellent resistance heating element in the absence of oxygen. High strength can be maintained even when it is used under high temperature. The graphite matrix binds the reinforcement as a whole and transmits the load to the reinforcement, which enables the chemical vapor deposition to complete successfully.

  The chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is actually a gaseous mass transfer process in the atomic field. The reacting matters react in the gaseous condition and the produced solid matter deposits on the surface of the heated solid substrate, thus obtaining the desired solid material.

  The high purity graphite (like RINGSDORFF), carbon fiber composite materials (like SIGRABOND) and thermal insulation materials (like SIGRATHERM) are often used in the devices used to produce single crystal silicon, single crystal germanium and group III-V compound single crystal. These devices include crucible, heater, heat shield, draft tube, conductive connecting parts, etc.

  The graphite electrode can be used for the deposition of polysilicon. The graphite used in this process should have excellent electrical conductivity, a certain degree of thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, high purity, and high machining precision.