Graphite scrap

  Graphite is broken after the inspection of non qualified waste and graphite products produced during the cutting debris.

  Graphite (graphite scrap) is referred to as broken scrap and graphite products produced in the graphitization of carbon products after cutting in the processing of broken materials.

  Main uses of graphite

  Graphite broken due to its low ash, conductive and thermal performance is good, so there is a wide range of uses, can be added to a variety of formulations of the small ash or ash products, graphite broken into small particles generally used. A certain amount of added ingredients in crushed graphite helps improve mixing plastic paste kneading, especially in extrusion molding can reduce the friction resistance of the paste extrusion mouth, is conducive to improve the yield pressure. Pieces of graphite adsorption properties of coal tar pitch is good, added to the carbon block can decrease the "short" (i.e., waste products in the upper honeycomb structure produced after calcination) effect, and can improve the thermal conductivity of carbon block and anti alkali corrosion ability. A certain number of graphite fragments are added in the formula to improve the conductivity and thermal conductivity of the electrode paste and to speed up the sintering speed of the electrode paste. Graphite broken ground into small particles or fine powder or production of graphite chemical equipment (such as graphite resin tube) raw material, graphite scrap can be used as carburetant electric furnace steelmaking. [1]

  Graphite classification

  1, life is not broken, green qualified by the quality inspection of the paste after molding.

  2, the roasting is broken, cutting debris after roasting green unqualified after inspection and baking products processing waste recycling.

  3, graphite broken, is the graphite after the inspection of substandard waste and graphite products in the processing of cutting debris generated.