Flexible Graphite Packing

  The flexible graphite packing is made of pure graphite, which is made by the special chemical and physical treatment. In addition to maintaining the excellent properties of the natural scale graphite, it is more important to have flexibility, resilience, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, radiation resistance, thermal conductivity and other excellent characteristics. The material consists of low sulfur expandable graphite yarn woven, cotton yarn reinforced lining. Has a very low coefficient of friction, will not wear the pump shaft and stem, and has a good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and high resilience.

  Flexible graphite packing purpose and performance

  Flexible graphite packing is made of flexible graphite composite sheet processing woven. Mainly used for the static and dynamic seal of valve, pump and pipe connection. The product has wide applicability, high temperature resistance, strong acid, strong alkali, long service life, self lubrication, friction coefficient and other characteristics, especially suitable for harsh media conditions.

  Use medium: water, steam, water, solvent, acid and alkali and various types of oil.

  Flexible graphite packing application

  Widely used in hot water, steam, oil, high temperature, high pressure and other adverse conditions of the hydrogenation unit.