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Characteristics of specialized aluminum graphite crucible

       Graphite crucible can be widely applicable to smelting of gold and silver, copper, iron, aluminum, zinc, tin, and adapt to the coke, oil, natural gas, electric and other smelting various heating methods. Advanced crucible molding technology of static crucible forming method, this technique make the crucible: volume density, high temperature resistant, heat, acid alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature strength, oxidation resistance of high, save fuel at the same time and reduce the labor intensity of the workers. Products have been widely used in power, metallurgy, oil, fire, chemical, two network transformation and other basic industries and modern engineering facilities.

  The below is the characteristics of graphite crucible:

  1. The chemical graphite crucible is used for the natural graphite crucible, which has good thermal conductivity and saves fuel.;

  2. The operation of the aluminum crucible is convenient, has a good mobility, the environment is very small;

  3. Aluminum graphite crucible should use natural graphite, good retention of the characteristics of graphite, high temperature, alumina graphite crucible with good heat resistance, can be high temperature 1800 degrees;

  4. Aluminum graphite crucible surface contains special coating, good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance;

  5. The aluminum material of the aluminum graphite crucible pollution is rarely, almost zero.