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Characteristics of high purity graphite materials

  High pure graphite is widely used in casting, metallurgy, mold and other industries, high precision CNC machining equipment for production of horizontal continuous casting with high purity, high strength, high density graphite crystallizer and the electronics industry with a graphite mold; metallurgical industry graphite mold and other various shapes, various uses ink stone processing of finished parts to realize, the needs of machining precision and roughness of graphite.

  High purity graphite material has outstanding features.

  1. Thermal stability: the reliability of the product quality is guaranteed by the special design of the conditions for the rapid quenching of the graphite crucible..

  2. Erosion resistance: matrix design fine uniform delay crucible erosion degree. Impact resistance: graphite crucible can withstand the high thermal shock intensity, so any process can be assured to.

  3. acid resistance: the addition of special materials significantly improve the quality of the crucible, in the acid resistance of the outstanding indicators, and greatly extended the life of the graphite crucible.

  4. high thermal conductivity: high content of fixed carbon ensure good thermal conductivity, shorten dissolution time, and significantly reduce the energy consumption.

  5. metal pollution control: the strict control of the material composition, guarantee the dissolution of the graphite crucible no pollution to the metal.

  6. the quality stability: the production technology and the quality guarantee system of the high pressure forming process guarantee the stability of the quality.