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The surface treatment of graphite mould

  Today, let's talk about the surface treatment technology of the graphite mold

  In addition to the reasonable matching of the strength and toughness of the matrix, the surface performance of graphite mold is very important for the working performance and service life of the graphite mould. The surface treatment technology of graphite mould is a systematic engineering to change the surface morphology, chemical composition, structure and stress state of graphite mould by surface coating, surface modification or compound treatment technology, so as to get the required surface properties. At present, the main application of the graphite mold manufacturing is nitriding, carburizing and sclerosing film deposition.

  Because the surface nitriding technology can form good performance, and the quenching process of nitriding process and graphite mold steel have good coordination, at the same time, the nitriding temperature is low, without intense cooling after nitriding deformation of tiny graphite mold, so the surface of graphite mould is used to strengthen permeability nitrogen technology is the most widely used earlier.

  Graphite mold carburizing is to improve the overall toughness of the graphite mold, that is, the working surface of the graphite mold has high strength and wears resistance. The hardened film deposition technology is now more mature than CVD and PVD. The graphite mold has been applied to the coating hardening film since 80s last century. The current technical conditions, the hardening film deposition techniques (mainly equipment) the high cost is only applied in some precision, long-life graphite mold, if the establishment of heat treatment center, then coated with hardened film will significantly reduce the cost, more Shi Momo out if using this technology, can improve the overall graphite mould of China's manufacturing level.

  Because graphite has many excellent properties, it has been widely used in metallurgical, mechanical, electrical, chemical, textile, national defense and other industrial sectors. Molding and manufacturing graphite crucible refractory and related products, with high fire resistance, low thermal expansion, metal smelting process, by metal infiltration and erosion are stable under high temperature, good thermal shock resistance and excellent thermal conductivity, so the graphite crucible and a graphite products are widely used in the process of direct the molten metal in the.

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