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Application of graphite material in photovoltaic industry

  Graphite materials can be divided into natural graphite and artificial graphite, natural graphite powder and because more shape so its application is limited, so the development of high pure graphite becomes more and more important; the application of high purity graphite in the photovoltaic production with the rapid development of photovoltaic industry in recent years and the rapid warming.

  With the rapid development of solar photovoltaic industry, the import of raw materials and polysilicon monocrystalline silicon solar battery demand is increasing in recent years, a large scale production of monocrystalline silicon polysilicon processing factory and processing factory as needed so like bamboo shoots after a spring rain built; production of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon raw materials are increasing, and the high pure graphite is the raw material an important one, the development of high pure graphite also promote high-quality silicon and polysilicon production, therefore high purity graphite plays an important role in the photovoltaic industry.

  With the continuous development of solar photovoltaic industry, the production process of solar energy photovoltaic materials in the raw material needs are also increasing, so according to the development direction of the photovoltaic industry of graphite materials should be studied according to the characteristics of the photovoltaic industry characteristic, its future development direction should be from the following aspects:

  Graphite solar photovoltaic industry is in need of superfine, high purity and other characteristics, so it can be fine, high purity as the two core problems of deep processing of graphite to study, have certain effect in different ways on the purification process of crushing graphite, stripping is conducive to the protection of large scale purification of graphite, but the grinding medium corrosion loss directly influences the effect of acid purification method. The comminution and purification process should be designed as the whole process to avoid the interference of human factors and produce high purity ultrafine stone powder.

  The current photovoltaic industry in the production of graphite materials resistant to high temperature, but the service life is not long enough, the production of more supplies; hence the need for further development of new graphite material, so that it can maintain the existing high pure graphite high temperature and oxidation characteristics, can enhance the mechanical strength and prolong the service life. This can reduce the amount of graphite consumption in solar photovoltaic production, greatly reducing the cost of solar photovoltaic production.

  To carry out the research and application of high pure graphite composite materials, carbon materials, high purity graphite and isostatic graphite materials such as more and more are studied, some properties of the high pure graphite could improve materials used in photovoltaic industry production, the high pure graphite material as the foundation of the material is improved the mainstream of the future direction of development.