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New type of carbon material - Glass Carbon

  The glassy carbon (GC) is a new type of carbon material ,it’s similar to glass and in the carbon structure, and it is also a new type of amorphous carbon structure material. The GC is made of biological resin carbon through high temperature pyrolyzation and carbonization . It does not contain harmful substances on the human body, high purity carbon. Glassy carbon is characterized by its high hardness and permeability due to its port morphology and structural characteristics similar to that of glass.

  Glass carbon has high strength, hardness and elastic modulus. It can be used to make high speed typewriter wheel and record. Glass carbon has many superior properties: density is small, about 1.3g/cm3; 3800℃high temperature resistance; anti penetration; corrosion resistance. It’s widely used in chemical industry, metallurgical industry, electronic industry, biological engineering and many other fields.

  Glass carbon can withstand 1 million 300 thousand times the atmospheric pressure, in other directions it can withstand the atmospheric pressure of 600 thousand times. It’s used in the manufacture of ultra high temperature micro electrode used as stoichiometric electrode, its diameter is below 1mm, a disc type, cylindrical, conical, used as a chemical measurement electrode used in analysis of trace components and measurement of various compounds coexisting clinical specimens, samples and raw thick liquid etc.. It can be used in medical equipment production such as tooth material and cardiac pacemaker. Glass carbon can be used for 3800 degrees heat insulation material and high heat resistant protective clothing. special glass carbon ultra high temperature crucible, ultra high temperature beaker, ultra high temperature pipe, ultra high temperature casting mold, carbon crystal wall heating, the carbon crystal heating plate, ultra high temperature electric heater, glass carbon fiber composite panel for the touch screen of computer and mobile phone , it’s also used in the manufacture of high-speed wheel typewriter and recording.