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CFRP-Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer

  The carbon fiber-reinforced polymer material are made of high strength carbon fiber and vinyl resin by pultrusion process and winding twining and coating technology.

  The product features of the CFRP material:

  light quality and high strength . The most outstanding advantage of CFRP material is that it has high specific strength (ultimate strength / relative bulk density), which is usually called light quality and high strength..

  The good corrosion resistance. CFRP can resist chemical corrosion in acid, alkali, chloride and humid environment, which is difficult to reach by traditional structural materials.

  The elastic properties of CFRP material are good, the stress-strain curve is close to linear, and it can restore the original state after the larger deformation, and the plastic deformation is very small, which is more favorable for the structure with large dynamic load.

  The application of the carbon fiber-reinforced polymer material:

  On the concrete bridge structure: every winter we will spread a large number of salt in the bridge, on the road to prevent freezing. But the corrosion of brine to traditional reinforced concrete bridge is very serious. The use of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer material can greatly reduce the bridge corrosion problem, reduce maintenance costs and increase bridge service life.

  In the road construction: in road construction, the concrete pavement and prestressed concrete road need to improve durability. It will exacerbate corrosion of rebar because of the use of antifreeze Salt Road,the CFRP material show great advantage in solving the problem of corrosion prevention, .

  In the harbor, wharf and other fields of concrete structure: all of the high ground parking lot, parking lot and underground parking lot have the winter antifreeze problems, many of the rebars of the buildings in coastal areas bear the corrosion of sea salt in the sea breeze and are obvious deterioration. Therefore, all kinds of situations need to use carbon fiber-reinforced polymer material.

  In the anti-corrosion construction: domestic wastewater and industrial waste water is a major corrosion roots of rebars and other gaseous, solid and liquid chemicals can also cause corrosion of rebars. While the corrosion resistance of the carbon fiber-reinforced polymer material is better than rebars,so it can be used widely in the sewage treatment plant, wastewater treatment equipment, petroleum chemical equipment.