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Working principle of graphite rotor

  Graphite rotor is composed of two parts of rotor bar and nozzle. The transmission system drives graphite rotor rotation, argon or nitrogen via the rotor pole, aluminum melt blowing nozzle. High speed rotating graphite rotor into aluminum melt with argon or nitrogen scattered many small bubbles, which are dispersed in the liquid metal, and the rotation of the rotor to hydrogen and inclusions in Al melt diffusion, the bubble contact, bubbles in the melt by the gas pressure difference and surface adsorption principle, absorption melt the hydrogen adsorption and oxidation slag, and with the bubble was taken out of the melt surface, the melt will be purified.

  Graphite rotor speed can be adjusted by frequency converter to achieve stepless regulation, up to 700 r/min. Specification for graphite rotor diameter of 70mm ~ 250 mm, specifications for the impeller diameter 85mm ~ 350 mm, high purity graphite oxidation rotor has the characteristics of high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistant aluminum flow. In the gas purification process, the surface is Aluminum Alloy liquid nitrogen into the cover, the graphite rotor exposed Aluminum Alloy liquid in an inert gas and prevent the rotor of high temperature oxidation, prolong the service life of the rotor. The impeller is streamlined, can reduce the resistance of rotation, the friction between the impeller and the aluminum alloy is relatively small. So that the gas removal rate is above 50%, the smelting time is shortened, and the production cost is reduced.

  Using graphite rotor operating technique:

  1, before using the preheating: graphite rotor immersed in liquid aluminum, above the liquid surface is about 100mm at 5min~10min, to avoid quenching effect on material; must pass into the liquid gas rotor; rotor can be put forward in the surface after the cessation of gas supply, to prevent the rotor nozzle clogging pores.

  2, the separation of air: in the purification tank room through the nitrogen or argon, to ensure that the box room for positive pressure, isolation of foreign air, to prevent the oxidation of graphite rotor.

  3, the rotor immersed depth: the reasonable depth of graphite rotor immersed in molten aluminum, to strengthen the surface of aluminum exposed set below about 80mm, soaked in 60mm, which can effectively increase the rotor loss and erosion time antioxidant.

  4, smooth transmission system: graphite rotor and transmission system is through a connecting rod (pipe) are connected, the connecting rod long deformation under high temperature, or transmission equipment related parts loosening will affect the rotor of neutral and running stability, easy to make the graphite rotor broken or bump damage.

  5, to pure argon or nitrogen: if the pipeline, connectors and other components of gas leakage caused by argon or nitrogen gas into the aluminum melt is not pure, the upper part of the rotor is oxidized seriously, even make several jet holes at the lower part of the rotor is also oxidized, it will greatly shorten the service life of the rotor.