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The brief introduction of graphite mold

  Graphite is a covalent semiconductor and metal intermediate half of the metal, inherently good conductivity, thermal conductivity, and most of the molten metal does not react, high temperature state is not deformed (up to 27.. C) and with the temperature increases the electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, strength is significantly increased (mechanical strength at 1800 C is two times at room temperature), low thermal expansion coefficient than metal, as the ideal material can be widely used in powder sintering industry. The use of graphite mold powder sintering industry began in the early 70s, accompanied by geological exploration, coal exploration and mining, oil exploration and drilling, highway cutting, especially the rapid development of granite and marble mining and cutting industry, demand a substantial amount of diamond alloy material and hard alloy materials increased demand for graphite sintered die with the graphite sintered die matched with the increases. This situation has started since the end of 70s, preliminary statistics, annual domestic need 9000000 sets of graphite mold, the annual amount of 2500 tons. At the same time as a branch of the graphite material, its specifications and materials are gradually standardized and the trend of the series

  With the exploitation of marble, granite marble cutting, the need for the cutting of the highway and so on. So in the end of 70s there was a square of processing and growth of graphite mold, processing different types of saw blades, that is divided into. 350,. In 400, 450, 600, 1200, in 1400, 1600, 1800 specifications, with the corresponding specification requires alloy, graphite sintered die and different types. On the shape of the graphite sintering mold can be divided into single groove double groove and combination of molds and so on.

  The purity of the sintered graphite is not as strict as that of the high purity graphite. In simple terms, the material removal characteristics of graphite should have, as their body heat, we must also have some resistance to pressure in heating condition, so it must have certain mechanical strength.