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Properties of nuclear graphite block and the application in nuclear reactors

  As the graphite block materials with thermal expansion coefficient is low, good resistance to thermal shock, neutron activation properties such as excellent performance, nuclear reactor (especially in high temperature gas cooled reactor) indispensable moderated, reflection and construction materials.

  In order to use the safety, the nuclear reactor needs to be compact and uniform. Graphite although has the good performance of nuclear reaction, however, the ideal graphite crystal is the structure of two-dimensional sheet, carbon level direction strength greatly, and interlayer only weak intermolecular bonding combined showed obvious anisotropy. Therefore, the properties of the material can be adjusted by making isotropic graphite or by the method of the composite material.

  As an important material in the construction of nuclear power plants, the development and development of nuclear graphite is the key to the construction of nuclear power plants.

  Nuclear graphite is mainly the isotropic graphite manufacturing process, according to the experience of Britain, France, Germany and other countries study that can by pressing and vibration molding process technology for preparing isotropic graphite materials and nuclear graphite block.

  At present, the isotropic carbon material is mainly through the use of hot isostatic pressing technology, vibration molding technology preparation. Among them, it is representative of the two focus technology and vibration molding technology.

  Nuclear graphite can be used to make thermal structural parts, such as: supporting column, hot gas pipe, fuel element, etc.. Isotropic graphite materials are mainly used for the production of graphite balls, core materials, electrodes and other nuclear graphite products.

  According to the habit and the structure of graphite materials, used in nuclear reactors of isotropic graphite raw material selection, by selecting the hard structure of carbon materials, reduce anisotropy of graphite, improve the isotropy of nuclear graphite products, manufacturing isotropic nuclear graphite.