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Phenolic resin impregnated graphite block

  Under normal temperature and pressure, the phenolic resin impregnated carbon graphite block material can increase the weight gain rate, open porosity, hardness and bending strength of the basic performance, and through the muffle furnace and thermogravimetry analysis of its thermal stability.

  Phenolic resin impregnated graphite block has a better thermal stability from 0 to 450 centigrade, when the impregnated graphite is decomposed and the thermal stability is poor at more than 450 centigrade.

  The mechanical properties of graphite, easy to crack, fragile, limiting its use, phenolic resin has the characteristics of high thermal stability, integrity and solvent resistance and it a good binder reduce the porosity and improve the mechanical properties of graphite, and phenolic resin impregnated graphite block has become one of the most popular types of graphite chemical equipment.

  Impregnated graphite open porosity in the curing condition of 160 DEG C low, far lower than not the curing process of graphite, in the curing condition of 140 DEG C, open porosity is also improved, and in the curing condition of 180 DEG C, higher opening ratio that the curing temperature is too high, did not achieve the expected results. The flexural strength of the cured impregnated graphite and shore hardness than the performance of the original graphite has significantly improved, curing of 160 DEG C under the shore hardness of the highest, reaching 90, the flexural strength compared to the original graphite doubled, reaching 43Mpa.

  The impregnated graphite sample after curing the weight gain rate, bending strength and hardness are improved, open porosity has been effectively reduced. The basic properties of optimal impregnated graphite obtained at 160 DEG C under the curing condition.

  Under the condition of 160 degrees C, the impregnated graphite sample of the phenolic resin impregnated graphite has a high rate of impregnation and weight gain, which is 3.8%,and the basic physical properties of phenolic resin impregnated graphite sample were the best under the condition of 160 degree centigrade(open porosity, flexural strength and shore hardness).