Steelmaking using carburizing agent and cast iron using carburizing agent, and some other materials are also useful for adding to the carburizing agent, such as brake pads with additive, friction material. Recarburizer belongs to external steel and iron carbon materials. High quality carburizing agent additive is essential for production of high quality steel.

  Carburizing agent, there are many kinds of raw materials, production processes are different, wood carbon, carbon coal, coke, graphite, etc., in which various categories and a lot of small type. High quality carburizing agent generally refers to after graphite carburant, in under the condition of high temperature and carbon atoms arranged in graphite morphology, so called for graphitization. Graphite can reduce the content of impurities in the carburant carburant, increasing carbon content, reducing sulfur content.

  Carbon in cast use, can greatly increase the amount of scrap, reduce the amount of pig iron or no iron. Smelting furnace cast materials, should be the carburant with scrap charge together to put in, small doses of add can choose to add on the surface of the molten iron. But to avoid large quantities of hot metal in to feed, to prevent excessive oxidation and carbonization effect is not obvious and the carbon content of the casting is not enough. Increase the quantity of carbon agent, according to the ratio of other raw materials and carbon content to be. Different types of cast iron, according to need to choose different types of recarburizer. Carburant characteristics choose pure carbon graphite material, reduce too much impurity in the iron, carburizing agent choose appropriate casting production cost can be reduced.

  Use of carbon

  In the smelting process, due to the ingredients or improper loading and decarbonization excess and other reasons, sometimes resulting in steel carbon content did not reach the top of the requirements, then to the carburization of molten steel. Recarburizer used a carbon electrode, iron powder, petroleum coke powder, charcoal powder and coke powder. Smelting, high carbon steel, containing less impurities in oil Jiaozuo carburetant. The top blown converter steelmaking carburant is high fixed carbon, ash, volatile matter, sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen impurity content is low, and dry, clean, moderate granularity