Summary of graphite resources

  Summary of graphite materials ore resource,Graphite is one of the carbon crystal mineral, lubricity, chemical stability, high temperature resistant, the thermal conductivity of the conductive, special and plasticity, coating and other excellent properties, its application field is very wide.The graphite in the metallurgical industry is mainly used as refractory materials;Used for mould in the casting industry and antirust coating;In the electrical industry for the production of carbon electrode, electrode carbon rods, batteries, made of graphite can be used as a television tube coating, made of carbon products can be used for generators, motors, communications equipment and so on many aspects;In the mechanical industry used as aircraft, ships, trains, and other high-speed operation of the machinery lubricants;In the chemical industry used in the manufacture of various corrosion vessels and equipment;Used in the nuclear industry in the atomic reactor neutron moderator and protective material, etc.;In the aerospace industry to do the rockets the engine tail nozzle throat lining, rocket, missile of insulation, heat resistant materials and satellite radio connection signal and the conductive structure material.In addition, graphite or light polishing agent and anti-rust agent, glass and paper in pencil, ink, black paint, printing ink and the raw material of synthetic diamond.With the development of modern science and technology and industry, the application field of graphite continues to widen, has become an important raw material in the field of high-tech new compound material, plays an important role in the national economy.