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The advantages of wear resistant graphite sealing ring

  The wear resistant graphite sealing ring has the following obvious advantages:

  The graphite seal ring no radiation no pollution. The flexible graphite does not contain harmful ingredients to the human body, but asbestos products has the radiation hazards, and it will pollute the environment.

  The graphite sealing ring has heat resistance property. The flexible graphite strengthened composite gasket can enhance high temperature of 1650 DEG C, even if the chemical equipment melted, it is still safe and sound. But the crystallization water inside the asbestos products will be broken down at 500 degrees and it will be efflorescence powder and loss of efficacy.

  The graphite sealing ring for a wide range of application. The flexible graphite sealing ring in addition to strong oxidizing acids, it can endure most of the chemical medium including for radioactive chemical medium, but the asbestos product adaptability is poor, it can not be used for radioactive medium. we require the connection part is not insulated in some chemical tower, heat exchanger, etc., the flexible graphite sealing ring can do, but the asbestos products can not.

  The graphite sealing ring is easy to use. The coefficient of the flexible graphite gasket is only a half of the asbestos products coefficient , that is, to tighten the screws strength can be much smaller to achieve the same sealing effect,the flexible graphite in addition to the above obvious characteristics, but also it has excellent sealing performance, good compression, characteristics of good elasticity and oxidation resistance, it has strong self lubrication and plasticity and it has good electrical conductivity, density ratio, etc., it can be produced to all kinds of pipeline and the flange gasket of all kinds of adjustment of diesel engine and compressor etc..