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The advantages of high-purity graphite rods in the electronics industry

  High-purity graphite rods and high density graphite products are praised for their thermal stability, electric and thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, flexural strength, tensile strength and high resistance capacity. High density graphite can replace the normal graphite in many cases including refractory, nuclear reactor and battery. This is a highly potential segment of research where there are numerous possibilities for future application. Aerospace reentry vehicle, missile and modern aircrafts can utilize the strength and other properties of VHD through suitable design and application.

  High-purity graphite rods is also widely used as electrode material in electrical discharge machining (EDM), and compared to copper, graphite allows a significant reduction in production costs while providing equal or even better product quality.

  High purity graphite rods are anisotropic materials, made after the gate, the axial thermal conductivity is high, help to reduce the temperature of the gate, while a small coefficient of thermal expansion of graphite, high temperature deformation is not easy, is not prone to frequent molybdenum gate thermal short-circuit damage, can reduce inter-electrode distance, increase the operating frequency, the tube can be made ​​more precise electrode size, in order to improve the reliability and longevity of the tube.

  Beijing Greatwall Co.,Ltd offers a wide range of product grades for electronics throughout the total processing chain of manufacturing molding and forging tools. Their capacities extend from high roughing rates to ultra fine finishing.

  High purity graphite rods for the gate, has the following advantages:

  1) Withstand high power

  Molybdenum gate can withstand 7 ~ 14W / cm2 of power, and high-purity graphite rods can withstand 60W / Cm2 of power, such a great help to reduce the power dissipation of the tube volume, reduce weight and increase power.

  2) Secondary electron emission coefficient low

  Pyrolytic graphite electron emission coefficient is low, and therefore do not need to spray the surface of precious metal.

  3) Good thermal properties.

  4) High temperature mechanical properties

  Graphite strength increase with increasing temperature, which can improve the high temperature stability of the gate and prolong life.