Graphite gasket

  By pure graphite or metal plate (tooth plate, plate, net) reinforced graphite plate cutting or stamping, has many excellent sealing performance, such as thermal stability, self lubrication, corrosion resistance, not aging, not fragile, the use of long-term stability in the harsh working conditions, rarely need maintenance. Lining material with different metal plates. Typeoptionalwithoutedge, inneredge, outsourcing side, inside and outside wrapping.

  Graphite cut gasket is from pure graphite plate drilling or cutting and it has good corrosion resistance, high / low temperature, compression elasticity and high strength good, complex geometric gasket circular is widely used in all kinds of pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchanger, and condenser generator, air compressor, exhaust pipe, refrigerator etc..

  raw material

  An expandable graphite (graphite) made of pure natural graphite after high temperature treatment and chemical treatment of 1000 DEG C and this material provides excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance, can make a good gasket with high elasticity and low ductility characteristics.

  Two characteristics: 1, at extremely low temperature to 400 DEG C temperature range of sealing performance remained almost unchanged in 2, almost all of the excellent chemical resistance of all liquids (except strong oxidizing acid) 3, due to the cold deformation and ductility is very small, tight installation has no effect on the gasket.


  Graphite gasket specifications:.

  Graphite gasket used medium: hot water, steam, oil, acid, alkali, ammonia, hydrogen, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, low temperature liquids, etc..

  Graphite gasket maximum pressure: 30MPa.

  Graphite gasket temperature: -200 ~ 650

  Reinforced graphite gaskets with flexible graphite tape or flexible graphite preparation of packing, molded into different sizes of the ring. Suitable for hot water, high temperature, high pressure steam, heat exchange liquid, nitrogen, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, low temperature liquids and other media. Used for compressor, pump, valve, chemical instrument, meter, etc..

  Asbestos containing carcinogenic substances, has not been put to use, the developed countries have basically no use