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Flake graphite - graphite foil and graphite gasket

    Flake graphite, is wildly used in all kinds of industry field. Flake graphite molecular weight (C) 12.011, friction coefficient 0.08-0.20, Mohs hardness of 1.0 to 1.15, the proportion of 1.9 to 2.2 layered hexagonal crystal structure, inter-molecular bonds linking the network layer, melting point up to 4375 ℃, in 454 ℃ began oxide: at normal temperature, graphite is very small and lively.

  Flake graphite can be produced to graphite foil, graphite foil can be produced to graphite packing rings, graphite strip, gaskets, composite plates, cylinder pad, paste in a variety of metal surfaces. Widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemicals, instruments, machinery and other industries machines, pipes, pumps, valves and static seal dynamic seal, is the ideal alternative to rubber, fluorine plastic, asbestos and other traditional seal of new sealing material

  Graphite gasket (also known as high-strength pads) can be processed in accordance with the need to use the following forms: 1.2 Basic graphite gaskets. Edge graphite gaskets 3 package.4 pack outside graphite gaskets. Inner and outer edge of graphite gaskets. Hemming form graphite gaskets that maintain the excellent performance of the original gasket, and easy installation and removal, easy to damage, but also to prevent the erosion of the gasket medium to improve the pressure. Edging material used for 304 or 316 stainless steel. Inner reinforcing materials commonly used in ss304, ss316 or tinplate, thickness 0.1 ~ 0.127mm, in the form of enhanced sprint board, network board increase, flat enhancement.304 reinforced graphite commonly used materials, can be made ​​into a variety of circular geometry gasket is widely used in pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, generator, air compressor, an exhaust pipe , refrigerator and so on.