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Application of isostatic graphite

Solar battery and semiconductor wafer with graphite: photovoltaic industrial graphite materials: as a result of the isostatic pressing graphite materials have high strength, density, isotropic, made of graphite parts in use process heating, heating is even, at the same time due to the density of material evenly can effectively reduce material by thermal shock and produce the internal stress of thermal shock resistance (good), so it can greatly prolong the service life of equipment or instruments cycle, so in the semiconductor and solar industries, used the isostatic pressing graphite (isotropic graphite), making Cz type monocrystal pulling of graphite furnace thermal field components (crucible, heater and diversion tube, cover, etc.); Polycrystalline silicon smelting furnace heater,; Compound semiconductor manufacturing with heater, crucible, etc. Belongs to the high-quality goods of graphite materials, such as static pressure graphite with other ordinary graphite have excellent performance, is a hot field in polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon manufacturing refractory material of choice for basic materials. Fast development of solar photovoltaic power generation, nearly 10 years, the global solar photovoltaic industry average annual growth rate of 41.3% despite the economic crisis of 2009 attacks, too can industry remains more than 30% of global growth, after the Copenhagen climate BBS, will have a bigger development space, is expected to begin in 2010 will have an annual 50% ~ 60% of the global solar market grows.

  China as the world's largest producer of solar photovoltaic (pv), whose share has reached 70% of the world, the consumption of industry in 2009 reached more than 5000 tons of high-grade graphite materials, are expected annual demand for isostatic pressing of graphite materials to increase at a speed of 25 ~ 30% on average, pv industry a huge demand for graphite monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon production, CFCCARBON will provide better products and services. The development of clean energy, the demand of the market and policy support, below is the most favorable conditions in the development of industry. Large size, high purity, high density, high strength, such as static pressure (isotropic) graphite materials are electronic and photovoltaic industry development needs, during the \"twelfth five-year\" will be the development of the isostatic pressing graphite manufacturing companies in China the best opportunity.

  At present, the single crystal size to normalize development, a few years ago the prevailing 18-inch furnace 20-inch furnace quickly replaced in 2010 ~ 2011 years, and the bigger the trend of the development of the specification; Polysilicon is the large-scale development, in addition, polysilicon access rules is still under discussion, is the development direction of high-end products. Photovoltaic industry products of large-scale and high normalized, determines the has higher request to the graphite, i.e., more specifications, higher strength, higher purity.