Graphite rods and blocks

  We have various of graphite rods and blocks in different grades such as isostatic graphite, molded graphite,extruded graphite,vibrating graphite.

  Isostatic graphite rods and blocks are widely used in medical treatment, metallurgy, chemical, airspace, and other industries, etc.We can provide different specification quality isostatic graphite rods: non-standard sizes can be designed and manufactured as per drawings or sample;high temperature and oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, longevity;It is widely used in hot mineral and metallurgical and chemical industries.

  The properties of the fine grain graphite rod and block:fine grain,homogeneous structure,

  high density,excellent thermal conductivity;high mechanical strength;proper electrical conductivity;minimum wet tability to molten metals.

  The high purity graphite means fine texture ,high purity-strength-density graphite products using the fine quality coke (low ash content) as its raw material.It is made in a scientific formula the process of mixing,pressing,baking and graphitization (above2500degrees).Therefore,it has the good properties of high temperature resistance,high electric and thermal conductivity.

  High purity molded graphite is widely used in the electronic,mechanical and chemical industry etc.It can also be used as rectifier graphite anode ,mold for electronics agglomeration,constantly casting graphite crystallizer,accurate casting,the melting of semiconductor and rare metals,graphite crucible,mechanical seal in some fields as chemical industry, electrospark machining discharge anode,etc.

  The application of our high density graphite block and rod:electrodes, anodes, cathodes, resistors, whisking rods, special structural parts, etc;Metallurgy, mechanical engineering;Chemical & electrochemical industry, glass & ceramics and other industries.

  Graphite rod used in high temperature vacuum furnace as the heating body, the highest temperature can reach 3000 ℃,it is easy to be oxidized at high temperature, in addition to vacuum, it can only be used in the neutral atmosphere and reducing atmosphere.Its smaller thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, resistivity (8 ~ 13) x 10-6 Ω m., good workability with SiC, MoSi2 rods, high temperature resistant.