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The graphite bipolar plates used in fuel cell

  The graphite plates are made from the domestic petroleum coke. Our graphite plates include molded, extruded and isostatic.

  Graphite Plates are widely used in the metallurgy, machinery, electronics and chemical industry, glass & jewellery, and heating & furnace industries. The graphite plates are often used for fuel cells, electrolysis, electroplating, and other various mechanical applications where friction, heat, or electrical properties are factors. They are tough and can withstand repeated wear and tear, apart from being good conductors of heat and electricity.

  Our graphite bipolar plates have the features as below: Low thermal expansion coefficient; Better thermak conductivity;Stable chemical perfermance; Better corrosion resistance; Stronger electrical conductivity.

  The graphite plate also can be used extensively in industries like solar, foundry, chemicals, electronics, ferrous metals, high-temp,and so on... Applied to heat conduction, metallurgy, lubrication, anti-corrosion, solar electrical energy generation,wind power generation equipment, electric automobile. Etc.

  Graphite plate is widely used in electron industry, chemical industry, mechanical industry, aviation industry, manufacturing industry, metallurgic industry and so on, such as anode, cathode, bipolar plate, vacuum furnace, water treatment, hydrogen fuel cell, electrode, casting, glass factory, heat conduction, lubricant, mold industry, vacuum pump and so on.

  Our graphite bipolar plate could be impregnated by resin,it could be reduce the porosity and improve the strength and usling life.Our graphite bipolar plate is made of high quality graphite.The graphite material has good property,like light weight,easy to install and low price.We have produce the bipolar plate for many years,and we export to many country.We could also produce the plate as your demand.