Graphite carbon plate

  Graphite carbon plate adopts high quality graphite carbon material, and the organic compound with strong acid resistance is added. By high pressure molding, vacuum impregnation, high temperature heat treatment

  The process is refined, has the special acid resistance and the temperature resistance performance, is the chemical industry phosphoric acid reaction trough, the phosphoric acid storage tank and so on equipment ideal lining material.

  Excellent corrosion resistance

  Products using carbon graphite material quality, adding organic compound with strong acid, effectively reducing the product porosity increases, the bulk density of the products, so the product has strong corrosion resistance and excellent wear resistance.

  Stable performance, strong durability

  The product is made of high strength organic glue as binder, and the high and new technology additive is introduced at the same time. Therefore, the product has the advantages of high strength, good wear resistance and stable structure, and the structure of the product does not change with the change of temperature.

  Precise dimension

  The product is of high quality and precise shape, and can produce special products according to the requirements of users.

  Graphite carbon plate has the characteristics of wear resistance, temperature resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, creep resistance, oil-free self lubrication, small expansion coefficient, and excellent sealing property.

  Use: pump, valve, fan, compressor, mixer, reactor, hydraulic pneumatic, electrical components, glass instrument, rotary joint, mechanical seal, pipe flange, petrochemical equipment, drying equipment, finishing equipment, chemical equipment, chemical machinery, rubber machinery, food machinery, machinery, machinery and other rotating fluid separation and the sealing member.