The feature of carbon brush

  Carbon brush, also known as brush, as a sliding contact, in many electrical equipment has been widely used. Carbon materials in the application of products are mainly graphite, graphite impregnated graphite, metal (including copper, silver) graphite. The carbon brush is the energy transfer device or signal between motor or generator or other rotating machinery of the fixed part and the rotating part, it is generally made of pure carbon coagulant, the general shape is square, stuck in the metal bracket, which has spring pressed it on the shaft, when the rotation of the motor, the power through the change which is delivered to the coil, as its main components are carbon, known as carbon brush, it is easy to wear. Should be regularly maintained to replace and clean up carbon deposits.

  The carbon brush looks a bit like a pencil eraser. The volume is large and small. Carbon brush, as a sliding contact, has been widely used in many electrical equipment. The main products are graphite, graphite, graphite, metal (including copper, silver) graphite.

  It is mainly on the effect of carbon brush and conductive metal friction; it's not like metal on metal friction as conductive metal on metal friction; conductive; friction force can be increased; at the same time where the transfer may be sintered together; and the brush is not; because the carbon and metal are two different elements of it; use mostly used in motor; shape is various; square and round etc..

  The carbon brush is suitable for all kinds of motors, generators and wheel axles. It has good performance and long service life. The carbon brush is used for motor commutator or slip ring, as sliding contact body import and export current, its thermal conductivity, and good lubrication performance, and has certain mechanical strength and direction of the spark of instinct. Almost all motors use carbon brush, which is an important component of the motor. Widely used in all kinds of AC and DC generator, synchronous motor, battery DC motor, crane motor collector ring, various types of electric welding machine, etc.. With the development of science and technology, the types of motor and the working conditions are becoming more and more diversified

  Specific function

  1 the external current (excitation current) through the carbon brush to the rotor (input current);

  2 the static charge on the main shaft is introduced into the earth by the carbon brush (grounding carbon brush);

  3 the main shaft (ground) to the protection device for rotor grounding protection and measurement of positive and negative rotor voltage;

  4 change the direction of the current (in the commutator motor brush, also plays a role reversal)