Advantages of graphite EDM

  A few years ago, it was thought that the surface quality of parts processed with graphite could only reach VDI18. However, it has been shown that the surface quality of the workpiece processed by graphite can reach VDI12 or higher grade. Of course, this standard is not for all graphite materials, or by EDM traditional situation, such as crude graphite or conventional graphite can not reach the standard. In order to obtain the surface quality, various production conditions must be in the best fit state with graphite material. In this case, the size of the electrode, the choice of the type of graphite is the key factor, will play a decisive role. However, the important point is that the use of graphite materials can achieve very fine surface quality.

  Many manufacturers of EDM equipment and manufacturers of graphite materials have made a lot of efforts. Today, they are able to provide customers with graphite processing specific processing equipment and processing parameters. In addition, graphite producers are also relying on their more refined graphite brands to meet customer demand.

  However, the most important factor is that people must have the right choice of EDM equipment manufacturers and graphite manufacturers. Big deal situation often appear, such as some customers to sample processing will choose the most complex parts, and then to the equipment manufacturer for testing and processing. In fact, this type of components in the customer's products accounted for up to 1%. If the EDM equipment and processes are based on this standard, then there is no doubt that there will be a problem: 99% of the other conventional processing how to do?

  Therefore, the equipment should be used to meet the needs of the 95% types of products. The rest of the products can be entrusted to other companies specializing in the production of special processing, or the use of a multiple electrode. In this case, we can also use the method to extend the discharge time or, if necessary, the copper electrode.

  Advantages of graphite EDM

  Graphite also has the following advantages:

  The processing performance (to follow the rules for operating conditions).

  The high thermal stability (thermal deformation will happen).

  The light weight (for processing equipment)

  I don't have to (for this essential burr automation system).

  The ductility coefficient is low (small temperature change).

  It can provide the best choice for a variety of processing conditions (coarse and fine grain graphite)

  On the market, but also provide the electrode can be used (i.e., graphite products have been processed, can be immediately applied to EDM).