High quality graphite rotor

  In the aluminum and aluminum alloy casting process, the degassing method consists of two ways , they are intermittent degassing and continuous on-line degassing, but either way, the degassing rotor are essential components of equipment to passing into the gas and rotating stirring. Graphite material is the preferred material for the production of the rotor because it has the high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, high strength, and the material properties which does not infiltrate into the aluminum melt in the production, the graphite rotor is the rotor which is made from the graphite material.

  The graphite rotor produced by our company has the following advantages:

  The high quality raw materials: our graphite rotor use the special graphite raw materials which is high strength, high hardness, resistance to oxidation, low porosity, wear resistance, erosion resistance.

  The processing fine:we process the graphite rotor accordance with customer’s drawings strictly , the parts can fit with each other closely after the installation and it has high degree of concentric, it effective to avoid mechanical stress damage.

  The impregnating antioxidant: our graphite rotor adopt proprietary technology and nano antioxidant antioxidant to do the treatment on the final product so that the internal microporous of graphite materials are filled by the antioxidant and the surface is also covered by the antioxidant , it improve the high temperature resistant , oxidation resistance and erosion resistance performance of graphite rotor effectively, it extend its service life greatly .

  The coating antioxidant: the surface (except the threaded part) of the graphite rotor which has done the impregnation anti-oxidation treatment was treated by coating using the proprietary coating materials , the coating materials don’t infiltrate the aluminum melt, but it can be firmly combined with the graphite materials , and it can be high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance and erosion resistance, the service life of the rotor will be further extended after coating treatment.

  The local enhancement: we do the local enhancement processing to the most easily consumed part of the graphite rotor according to the characteristics of the customer's application , we use the minimum cost to achieve the longest service life. The service life our graphite rotor can reach about three times to the same product.