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The advantages of compared with copper electrode

  The graphite electrode has the advantages of easy processing, high metal removal rate in EDM, as well as a small loss of graphite. Therefore, more and more mold factory abandon the use of copper electrode and choose graphite electrode. So, what are the advantages of graphite?

  1).The proportion of graphite is copper 1/5, the weight of the same volume of graphite is 5 times lighter than that of copper. the large electrodes made from copper are too heavy, in the long running, it is very unfavorable to the accuracy of the machine tool spindle on the EDM. But graphite is opposite and in safe handling!

  2).The graphite can have a very high processing speed, the general speed of the processing of graphite is 3-5 times faster than the ordinary metal. And it can reduce tool wear and electrode loss when we choose suitable hardness tool and graphite,.

  3).The graphite is easy to shape and will not be deformed, and some of the shape of the electrode with copper is not easy to make and can be easily achieved with graphite. Such as thin slice electrode, the copper deformed easily in machine processing and EDM. But graphite can easily reach and graphite in EDM can with larger current and processing speed, we don't worry about that deformation because of the high temperature and the workpiece is damaged.

  4).The finishing and polishing of graphite, in general, the graphite after the processing do not need to be polished. It also reduces the precision error of the graphite electrode after forming and shortens the production cycle.

  5).The EDM speed of graphite is quick and losss is mall because the melting point of copper is 1083 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of EDM at 1100 C, the copper electrode in the EDM is relatively easy to consume and wear. And the graphite in 3550 degrees will appear sublimation, as long as the proper processing parameters, graphite electrode can achieve the theoretical significance of the zero loss. So as to avoid the number of electrode processing.

  6).In the design and programming of electrode, graphite electrode design is also different. Many mold factory usually reserved in different copper electrode roughing and finishing, and the graphite electrode can be used for the same amount, which reduces the number of workload and machine CAD/CAM. For this reason alone is enough to reduce the mold design and processing cycle, but also reduce the probability of error processing.