Graphite rotor

  Product Description: liquid aluminum alloy purification treatment process is the main means to improve the comprehensive properties of aluminum alloy. In the purification process, the purification gas and solvent mixture, the use of graphite rotor spinning jet to the aluminum melt purification method is currently the most advanced processing methods in the world. The working principle of the graphite rotor rotation of the rotor will be blown into the aluminum melt in nitrogen or argon) broken into a large number of dispersed bubbles, which are dispersed in the liquid metal. Bubbles in the melt by gas differential pressure and surface adsorption principle, absorption of hydrogen in the melt, adsorption oxidation slag, and with the rise of bubbles and was brought out of the melt surface, so that the melt can be purified. Due to the small air bubble diffusion and rotating homogeneous melt mixing and rotates with it spirals slowly floating, and melts in contact for a long time, not the formation of linear continuous rise of the airflow, so as to remove harmful hydrogen in aluminum melt, significantly enhance the purifying effect.

  Characteristics of graphite rotor:

  1, graphite rotor rotating nozzle is made from high purity graphite, nozzle structure, besides the consideration should be scattered bubble, the agitation of molten aluminum alloy produced by centrifugal force to melt into the gas nozzle and spray evenly mixed, forming a gas / liquid flow ejected, increase of bubbles and liquid aluminum alloy contact area and contact time, improve the degassing and purification effect. 2, graphite rotor speed can be adjusted by frequency converter to achieve stepless regulation, up to 700 r/min. Graphite rotor specifications with diameter of 70 mm to 250 mm, impeller specifications for phi 85mm to 350 mm, antioxidant, high purity graphite rotor has the characteristics of high strength, high temperature resistant, aluminum tolerance flow corrosion etc.. In the purification in the process gas, box of liquid aluminum alloy surface through nitrogen into the cover, graphite rotor exposed part of liquid aluminum alloy in inert gas, prevent the rotor temperature oxidation, prolong the service life of the rotor. 3, the impeller is streamlined, can reduce the resistance of the rotation, the friction between the impeller and the aluminum alloy is relatively small. So that the gas removal rate is above 50%, the smelting time is shortened, and the production cost is reduced. 4, the special anti - oxidation surface treatment, the service life is about 5 times that of ordinary products, widely used in aluminum alloy casting industry. 5, in the aluminum foil casting, aluminum alloy wheel hub, such as aluminum processing industry use cycle up to 2 months.

  The economy of Graphite rotor

  For aluminum alloy foundry and aluminum products factory, it is very important to reduce the cost of treatment, in this regard, our production of graphite rotor can bring the following benefits. 1, reduces the processing cost 2, lower inert gas consumption and reduces the aluminum content in slag 4, lower labor cost 5, improve performance, longer replacement cycle 6, improve reliability, reduce maintenance costs.