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What’s the carbon carbon composite material

  Carbon carbon composite material are carbon matrix composite material reinforced by carbon fiber and its fabric. With the advantages such as low density (<2.0g/cm3), high strength, high modulus, high thermal conductivity, low expansion coefficient, good friction performance, good thermal shock resistance and high size stability.It is a few alternative materials in above 1650℃ application now , the theoretical maximum temperature as high as 2600℃. So it is considered to be one of the most promising high temperature materials.

  Carbon carbon composite consist of three different components, namely, resin carbon, carbon fiber and pyrolytic carbon. Because it is almost entirely composed of elemental carbon, it can withstand extremely high temperatures and a great heating rate.

  By means of reinforcing the orientation of the carbon fiber suitably, the carbon carbon composite material as a material with excellent mechanical properties can be obtained. At high temperature, the performance of carbon carbon composites material can remain unchanged and even the performance index can be improved.

  Although the carbon carbon composite material has many excellent high temperature properties, but it will occurrence of oxidation reactions in the aerobic environment when the temperature is above 400℃, that will result in a sharp decline of the performance of the material. Therefore, the application of carbon carbon composites material in high temperature aerobic environment must be protected by oxidation. Oxidation protection of carbon carbon composite materials mainly has the following two ways, namely under the lower temperature , we can make matrix modification and active surface passivation to realize the protection of carbon carbon composites material. With the increase of temperature, it must be by coating method to isolate the direct contact of the carbon carbon composite material and oxygen in order to achieve the purpose of oxidation protection. Coating method is mostly used at present, with the continuous advancement of technology, the dependency of ultra high temperature performance of carbon carbon composite material will be more and more, and the only viable oxidative protection scheme must be protective coating in the ultra-high temperature condition.

  Due to their unique properties ,carbon carbon composite materials has been widely used in aerospace, automotive industrial, medical and other fields such as rocket engine nozzle and throat lining, the end cap of shuttle and the thermal protection system of the leading edge of the wing and the aircraft brake disc.

  In the future, with the innovation of production technology, the output will be further expanded, the development of low cost asphalt based carbon fiber and the improvement of the composite technology, carbon carbon composite material will have a greater development.