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Graphite cut gasket is from pure graphite

  Graphite cut gasket is from pure graphite plate punching or cutting into the, it has good corrosion resistance, resistant high / low temperature, good compression elasticity and high strength, a variety of circular complex geometric gasket is widely used in pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchanger, condenser and generator, air compressor, exhaust pipe, a refrigerating machine.

  raw material

  . expandable graphite (flexible graphite) produced by chemical treatment and 1000 DEG C high temperature treatment of pure natural graphite, this material provides excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance, good pad with high elasticity and low ductility characteristics.

  Second, characteristics: 1, in the extremely low temperature to 400 DEG C temperature range of sealing performance remained almost unchanged 2, almost of all of the liquid has excellent chemical resistance, strong oxidizing acids except) 3, as a result of the cold deformation and ductility is very small, install tight gasket has no effect.


  Flexible graphite gaskets are made of flexible graphite sheets (or with metal reinforcement), and are divided into four types according to the application needs:

  1, flexible graphite gasket: cut from the flexible graphite sheet, for the pipe flange and valve cover, etc.. It is recommended that the gasket is a small diameter gasket, which depends on its low mechanical strength.

  2, flexible graphite gasket Mi: the hook of the steel sheet (0.2 mm thick) by a flexible graphite sheet is clamped in the middle, and then is cut into a certain size, mechanical strength is very high.

  3, a flexible graphite gasket PM: flexible graphite sheet is adhered on both sides of the 0.2 mm thick 304 stainless steel sheet, with high mechanical strength and easy to transport, because it can be cut into complex shapes, the gasket is a wide range of applications in various industries.


  4, flexible graphite gasket PM-A: the T/#1215 stainless steel sheet for 316 steel (50 microns). Four, application: used for all kinds of industrial pipe flange, heat exchanger, valve cover, etc., as well as the liquid level gauge, the level of the special shape of the flange.

  Graphite gasket to stone line as the material, by weaving and shaping. Graphite gasket is suitable for high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosive medium under the work of all kinds of valves, pumps, reaction vessels and other equipment packing seal.