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Graphene battery use and field of application

       Graphene battery in saturated copper chloride solution, the time (hours, days) and generating a voltage.

  The experimental circuit is made of LED, which is connected to the graphene by wire. They just put graphene on copper chloride (copper chloride) solution, were observed. LED light is on. In fact, they need 6 graphene circuits to form in series, so that the required 2V can be generated, so that the LED lamp is bright, you can get this picture.

  The flow of electrons in graphene is faster than that of the solution, so the electronic nature will choose a path through the circuit. It is this point that lights up the LED lamp "free electrons are more likely to go through the surface of graphene, rather than into the electrolyte. The device is such a voltage,

  Therefore, the energy generated by the device comes from the heat of the surrounding environment. They can improve the current, only need to heat the solution, but also can be used to accelerate the ultrasonic wave of copper ions. Depend only on the heat, they can continue to run their graphene batteries for 20 days. But there is still a big question mark. Another hypothesis is that a chemical reaction produces a current that is like an ordinary battery.


  With the development of mass production and large size and other difficult problems, the industrialization of graphene is accelerating. Based on the existing research results, the first commercial application of the field may be mobile devices, aerospace, new energy battery.

  Consumer electronics show can bend the screen is much attention, as the future development trend of mobile devices display. Flexible display in the future market is broad, as the basis of the material of graphene is also optimistic about the prospects. Data show that in 2013 the global demand for mobile phone touch screen is about 965000000. By 2015, the tablet PC on the large size of the touch screen will also meet the needs of 230000000, the application of graphene provides a broad market. South Korea's Samsung researchers also have been manufactured by multilayer graphene material consisting of transparent flexible display, I believe that large-scale commercial just around the corner.

  On the other hand, the new energy battery is also a major area of graphene the first commercial. Before the United States of Massachusetts Institute of Technology has successfully developed a surface with graphene nano layer of flexible photovoltaic panels, can greatly reduce the cost of producing a transparent solar cell, which is likely to be in the night vision goggles, cameras and other small digital devices. In addition, the successful development of graphene super battery, but also to solve the problem of the new energy vehicle battery capacity and charging time, which greatly accelerated the development of new energy battery industry. Results in this series for the application of graphene in the battery industry paved the way for new energy.

  Due to the high conductivity, high strength, ultra thin and so on, the application of graphene in the field of aerospace industry is also very prominent. Recently, the United States NASA developed a graphene sensor used in the field of aerospace, can very good for the earth's trace elements of the earth's atmosphere, the structural defects of the spacecraft, etc.. And graphene in the ultra light aircraft materials and other potential applications will play a more important role.