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The main application of the isostatic graphite

   Czochralski silicon single crystal thermal field in the pulling of monocrystalline silicon and polysilicon ingot furnace with heater in thermal field, isostatic pressing graphite parts have crucible crucible, heater, electrode, insulation shield, seed crystal holder, rotating with the base of the crucible, all kinds of round board, thermal baffle, about 30 kinds. Among them, 80% of the isostatic pressing graphite used in the manufacture of crucible and heater, etc. In recent years, the diameter of the requirements of single crystal silicon rod is more and more big, 300 mm wafer production has increasingly become the mainstream. Accordingly, the single crystal furnace heating zone, most of the 800 mm diameter, the graphite crucible furnace in order to protect the place of the quartz crucible, up to 860 mm in diameter, heater is about 960-1000 mm in diameter, the diameter of the other components in some maximum up to 1500 mm. Since 2003, the people of the earth's living environment protection consciousness gradually strengthened, people more and more favour not the natural energy of carbon dioxide. Under this trend, the solar cell production increase. In the process of solar cells, polycrystalline silicon chip manufacturing, must first to polysilicon pieces fused into polycrystalline silicon ingot. The ingot furnace isostatic pressing graphite heater needs to be used to make. 2.2 nuclear power industry in recent years, the global climate warming. People think that carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels is the leading cause of the problem.

  In recent years, although the economic growth of developing countries have made remarkable achievements, but the problem of insufficient power deeply disturbed in these countries. In such cases, people's eyes turned to the energy flow density is much higher than solar and wind power, and do not emit carbon dioxide and sulfur oxide nuclear power generation. At present, the world has been put into use nuclear reactors are mostly is given priority to with light water reactor. This DuiXing working principle is to use nuclear cracking when the heat energy to the cold water gasification is 300 ℃ water vapor, drive a turbine to generate electricity. However, due to water reactor temperature is low, the power generation efficiency of light water reactor is not too high. Compared with high temperature gas cooled reactor has no such problem. It is coolant with inert gas (helium), not only the core outlet temperature can reach 1000 ℃, power generation efficiency is high, also suitable for manufacturing hydrogen. Can be said to be the power supply and environment protection. Graphite for this kind of high temperature gas cooled reactor core material, because of graphite not only high temperature resistant, and less to absorb neutrons, good heat transfer. Almost inexhaustible fusion fuel and material resources, the release of the reaction energy is very huge. To make a fusion of for a long time we have to maintain plasma at a certain temperature. Graphite is a fusion plasma maintain an indispensable material.